Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meeting Dr. Thomas

Today's return to Mt. Sinai went much better--that is, I arrived on time (thanks to Co-Op Cabs) at least. Lidia and I had a 10:30 appointment to meet Dr. Jacqueline Thomas, MD--our official OBGYN/caretaker who will be looking after us until the youngsters arrive. Of course, given the state of the Ontario medical system, and the fact that Dr. Thomas had to be called away for an undisclosed emergency, we sat for nearly two hours in the waiting area.

The wait was worth it, though, as Dr. Thomas turns out to be friendly, funny, and frank. What's more: she's thrilled with "our numbers"--a euphemism for the battery of tests to which Lidia must be subjected to rule out a variety of potential "difficulties"--and suggested that Lidia cancel her scheduled amniocentesis(which, among other things, increases the risk of miscarriage).

She also declared that there's no way our babies are going to wait until January (specifically, the revised delivery date of January 4th, 2009, according to the friendly nurse who first saw us and worked it all out with some unusual, Nostradamus-y, wheel-y chart/thing) to bound out onto the world stage, and that we should plan for a much earlier arrival.

Our next appointment with Dr. Thomas is July 30. And our next look at the youngsters is August 15th, four days before my birthday!

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