Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another Road Trip?!

While technically not a long weekend (Canada Day lands on a Tuesday this year--thank yeeew British North America Act), we thought we'd make another quickie jaunt to the Ottawa Valley since by the time the next official LW comes around (the August "civic holiday"---yawn) Lidia will be a lot "farther along" as they say, and cramming her and the youngsters in an automobile in the blazing hot sun doesn't seem like the smartest or safest idea. Everyone's just gonna have to get used to coming down our way a lot more often after this one.

So, with Minnie and Maggie left once again in the capable care of Donald from VIP Sitters, we loaded up our "little green turtle" and embarked, for the second time in under a month, to brave the indignities of the Oshawa 401 bottleneck, and then along the snaking 37/7/41 blacktop to Pembroke (that's "Minnie Road", near Eganville).

We were able to properly celebrate my grandmother's 85th birthday (you'd never know it--I do hope I've inherited her DNA!), catch up on a few movies ("Get Smart", "Wanted") and unload some books and CDs on various takers.

A pleasant trip all around, and not terribly eventful (in a good way): I tossed a baseball around with my nephew and didn't throw out a hip (although running up and down Everett Street in leather dress shoes didn't do much for my inner Willie Mays), and decided, somewhat reluctantly, to return the snazzy little Jazz HD camera to Canadian Tire (for a full refund) because its memory card transfer was screwing up suspiciously on the drive up.

Just about everyone I ran into knew about the twins and seemed genuinely happy for us--which was very nice, because it's been an awfully long time since I lived at home. The only person I missed was a former coworker from my high school years, when I worked after school and weekends at The West End Mall. According to my grandmother, he asks about me all the time whenever he sees her. Which is encouraging, because last month, he won a million dollars in the lottery.

You know, naming rights are still available...

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