Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heartbeat--It's a Love Beat...

This morning, Lidia and I had our second meeting with Dr. Jackie Thomas at The Bloomberg Clinic at Mt. Sinai. Compared to last time, it was a breeze--promptly at 9 am, Lidia had a blood pressure test (impressive results: 120/73--woo hoo!). Then, we got to listen to each of their hearbeats! "Baby A" was at 147, and "Baby B" outdoing the competition at 149--their little "thump/thumps" sounding a bit like dolphin songs.

Of course, I planned to walk back to work with a spring in my step and got promptly drenched.

Our next ultrasound is booked for August 15 (just days before my birthday) and should the youngsters cooperate, we should be able to tell the gender of each. Get yer betting pools up and running now, true believers.

Those ebullient little heartbeats resonated with me all day (and it was a lousy day, even by work standards)...everything is starting to feel a bit more "real" and more than ever I can't wait until they're here!

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  1. i'm smiling uncontrollably and i wasn't even there.