Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bungle In The Jungle

Nathaniel's one popular little dude--today, he had another visitor: Paula, from Centennial Infant And Child Centre, who will also be coming by every two weeks to take part in physical therapy and playtime. And like everyone else, she's super-impressed with Nathaniel's energy, awareness, and irresistable charm...and she's only known him about an hour!

Paula was very helpful in guiding us through the centre's various programs, ensuring we were on the right waiting lists, and gave us plenty of info for various funding programs that we might or might not need, and might or might not qualify for(depending on income level and the usual brouhaha...).

She also offered a few other suggestions for "tummy time", in addition to Joey's regime, which gave the boys an afternoon of fun that continued into the evening once I arrived home from work.

The jungle playset is a huge hit--Carter and Nathaniel wiggled around with the blue monkey and weird pineapple-headed dude until it was time for bottles and long-overdue naps...

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