Friday, February 27, 2009

Growth Spurts

Lidia predicted it, and she was right: Nathaniel and Carter--just a few days shy of being three months old(!)--are each going through another "growth spurt", which accounts for their nocturnal restlessness and shortened intervals between feedings.

Tonight, the boys were surprisingly well-behaved during bath time (smiling, even!), although I'm sure the presence of their marine friends Mr. Turtle, Mr. Octopus, and Mr. Crab contributed to the aquatic revery.

Once dried and dressed, it wasn't long before both of them were crying out for another dose of Good Start formula, which cut the planned "tummy time" antics short for the evening. They'd had plenty of exercise during the day, so they'd earned a night off from boot camp.

Nathaniel was particularly chatty--cooing and gurgling away, clearly with a lot on his mind. Carter was a bit more serene than usual, but in a disturbing development, he seemed particularly entertained by my terrible rendition of Trans-X's 80s synthpop nugget "Living On Video", thanks to a new Pepsi ad...which we will both endeavour to make sure the boys never hear again...

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