Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nosy Neighbour

Meet Merlin--eventually, everyone does. Merlin is the very friendly, and bratty, black cat from next door who prowls the yards via a network of hedges with regular stops at our front window (and occassionally, the back patio) in an attempt to woo our irresistable tortie Maggie (Minnie, the protective big sister, is usually parked nearby to make sure he doesn't get too close).

Today, the boys got a front row introduction as, while propped up to take in all the action outside (it was a nice day and the street was teeming with cellphone-and-Starbucks-equipped humanity, but none of them remotely interested in the real estate for sale), Merlin popped up to demonstrate enhancements to his usual head-butt-and-strut routine, which never fails to attract Maggie's attention.

But when I stepped out to take a photo, he dashed off...not that he's afraid of me--Merlin has scaled me like I was a tree trunk on several occassions.

The show over, the boys must've felt leaning up on the furniture was too much like exercise, and cried to be put back in their chairs. Maggie and Minnie retreated to the back windows to eyeball the steady stream of finches, pigeons, squirrels, and neighbourhood strays that make our place an ideal location for the next "Dr. Doolittle"....


  1. What fun to find your blog!!! Thank you for posting a comment to mine. Your boys are so beautiful! Both are doll babies!!! Nathaniel is precious. I'm sure you have read Road Map to Holland by Jennifer Graf Groneberg (sp?)? If not, please go and get it!!!! Also, Gifts is a great read. Both will have you feeling good about the wonderful journey you will take with your boys. I'm so happy to have helped you in any small way. Congrats on your baby boys!!! I LOVE boys :)!!!

  2. How wonderful to have heard from the both of you. Your blog was something I discovered quite soon after Nathaniel's tentative diagnosis and it was very inspiring and calming to the turmoil of emotions we were feeling at the time. We'll definitely followup on your reading suggestions, and will keep following your site. Stop by and visit ours once in awhile! Best to you and yours and thanks so much!

    Robert and Lidia