Friday, March 27, 2009

They Now Weigh More Than The Cats!

Another checkup with Dr. P this morning--she was pleased to find the dynamic duo in good spirits and officially cured of their pesky colds.

The weather improving, we didn't have to navigate the heap of winter boots that usually blocks the doorway into the waiting room, and the earlier hour allowed us to beat the rush that by 10 am had filled every seat and was snaking down the hall.

First, the weigh-in: Nathaniel is now 11 pounds, 9 oz, with Carter just a little behind as expected at 11 pounds, 7 oz. Yes, we've already decided to start investing in some larger sizes...

Unfortunately for them--and us--it was also time for another round of RSV shots (that's Respiratory Syncytial Virus--with all this newly accrued medical knowledge I feel like I can start writing episodes of "House"), which made them irritable for the rest of the day.

And it's amazing to realize that this coming week is the first since the boys were delivered in which we've got a five-day stretch without a single appointment or visitor...except for Merlin, of course...
...which brings me to--

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