Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spending our way out of the recession, one head-hugger at a time...

At our last visit to expert paediatrician Dr. Papadouris she suggested we get head support pillows for the boys to try and re-shape their heads, which are a little off-centre due to the "Back to Sleep" philosophy -- laying our little dudes on their backs to help lessen the chances of SIDS but in the process reshaping their soft little noggins. So I combined a visit to Nonna's with a shopping trip to the local mall, a monster called Square One, which has a Wal-Mart (my preferred baby stuff supplier of the moment).

With a little patience we got the car seats in the Snap 'N Go and strolled past many shops, the boys sleepily oblivious to the rampant consumerism around them. That is, until we arrived at the mecca of recession spending. I managed to steer through the Wal-Mart with the boys still blissfully unaware of the swarm of activity around them... until we reached the checkout. Then Carter woke up, looked around, scrunched up his face and promptly started crying. To which, I thought, well, isn't that how everyone feels when they're in a checkout line at Wal-Mart?

Nonna decided the best course of action was to minimize the trauma and take them outside to wait for me to pay up. After that we headed home as Nonna was a bit tired, and we had a very nice visit with neighbor Norma, her daughter Nancy and grandson Ethan, who was fascinated while I fed Nathaniel. As much as going shopping can be a total pain, I'm glad the weather is finally nice enough for us to see the big wide world around us.

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