Friday, September 18, 2009

Dr. P Sez...

It's been awhile since Dr. P gave the boyos the once-over...suffice to say, she was amazed by their growth and progress.

Nathaniel now weighs in at 16lbs, 15 oz, and Carter's holding steady at 15 lbs, 14oz. She confirmed that Carter's got two bottom teeth coming in, and has approved an expansion of their current diet. The daily menu will now incorporate those timeless staples: Arrowroot cookies, non-salted crackers, toast, and meat! (well, the baby-food variants, at least: namely, chicken, lamb, and beef...).

Dr. P suggest we occassionally offer them a little something off of our own plates once in awhile just to expand their horizons (but I'll hold off on cajun calamari and spicy jerk chicken)...which might be just the thing to distract Carter from Minnie and Maggie's cat food...

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