Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Familiar Face

Carter and Nathaniel, more than a little antsy having been stuck inside for the past few weeks thanks to cold and flu season, enjoyed a welcome change of pace this weekend with the arrival of a very special guest: cousin Kayla, visiting us from her new digs in nearby Welland, where she's attending school.

Kayla missed the boys and hadn't had the opportunity to explore Toronto until now, so despite the awful weather, we did our best as hosts to give her a bit of a two-day crash course in what this big, bad, bloated city has to offer (mostly crowds, endless traffic, pricey shops as far as the eye can see). And the boys did what they do best--which is to be shamelessly adorable.

The plan to attend La Nuite Blanche was a complete bust thanks to the weekend's marathon downpour--ditto a Sunday afternoon attempt to explore trendy Queen Street West--but the boys enjoyed their time with a familiar face (who bought them a very nice set of Buzz Lightyear and Woody action figures--can't wait to show them "Toy Story" one day) and as did we the chance to experience the city through someone else's eyes.

Of course, it's a rule in our household that any and all guests get to experience the cozy confines of The Foggy Dew at least once...even if only for a quickie brunch...

Kayla turned the boys into web celebs for an adoring public....

Even Maggie and Minnie enjoyed cozying up with their new night time friend.

So let's do it again real soon!

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