Friday, October 30, 2009

More new friends

I was glad to be able to get together with family friends Clara and Marta, who are here visiting all the way from Slovenia! Believe it or not, Marta is Clara's aunt. They've been enjoying the sights in T.O. this past week, and this weekend - on Halloween no less - they'll be celebrating their great (and great-great) aunt Louisa's 90th birthday.

So of course a visit to our fair shores just had to include some time with Carter and Nathaniel, who, as usual, charmed the pants off our visitors, who were very impressed at how well-behaved they were. Nate even let Clara feed him dinner!

And to top it off, they tried something new when the grown-ups were having dinner... Mum had Carter and handed him a rib bone, which he promptly started gnawing on. I had Nathaniel and gave one to him to try and, after some inspection, he also turned into a little carnivore. In fact, Carter got totally upset when we tried to take the bone away and go home.

So the coming week will see Clara and Marta heading up to Ottawa, and then back home. Have a safe trip and hope you enjoyed Canada!!

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