Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Visitors!

News that Kayla was in town for the weekend traveled fast--the next day, the boys were excited to find even more people jammed into our modest household. Wendy, Steve, Thomas, and Stepheny navigated the congested maze of the downtown streets to join us for a compressed Saturday afternoon of food court grub and conspicuous consumption at The Eaton Centre.

The annual La Nuite Blanche art festival was to launch later in the evening, and one its more notorious installations was on prominent display in the mall: Jeff Koons' Macy's Day Parade chrome bunny, which Carter didn't find nearly as enchanting as the musical Dracula bear he happened upon in Carlton Cards.

Since he was so intent on carrying on a conversation with the undead ursine, I couldn't resist picking it up (Halloween's approaching and we could use some new decorations, since the neighbourhood kids have grown bored and cynical).

Eventually, Kayla and Stepheny fled to do their own thing while we attempted to explore the various levels via elevators that were crammed with able-bodied persons too lazy to take an escalator or walk a lousy flight of stairs.

Night fell, the mall closed, and soon the Burns gang were braving the merge lanes en route back home. Next week, we'll reciprocate and visit them for Thanksgiving. Bowmanville's nice enough, but betcha they don't have a big bunny...

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