Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Pt. 1: Caped Crusaders

If our first Halloween had a theme, it could best be described as "Stuff Our Dad Is Obsessed With": Nathaniel suited up in blue and red tights as Superman, and Carter donned caped and cowl (well, for about two seconds) as Batman (we'll consider runners-up Wolverine and Daredevil for another year--especially if Marvel ends up giving me a job). Lidia and I opted for Starfleet uniforms as Yeoman Rand and Captain Kirk from the original 60s series (and unlike William Shatner, I didn't need a girdle to fit into mine).

The first of the season's two Halloween parties was hosted this morning at Surrey Place, where the boys certainly enjoyed the limelight. The bigger room allowed for more epic play time (and more comfortable temperatures), Barbara stopped by with some favorite songs (Nathaniel loves the shakers), and there were free eats for the adults (two hours of chasing twin boys while clad in rayon works up a hearty appetite)...

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