Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Adoring Crowd Awaits!

We arrived in Pembroke a little past dinner time--considering the early detour to lunch, constant downpour, and advancing nightfall, this was one of our faster trips home. Carter and Nathaniel were in snooze mode but were pleasantly awakened to find not only Grandma and Grandpa anxiously awaiting, but also Nanny and aunt Wendy, who decided to come up at the last minute! The more the merrier!

The boys warmed up to their spacious vacation home within seconds and were soon showing off their advanced crawling/standing/general mayhem skills to the delight of everyone. Nathaniel esp. surprised everyone with his newfound chattiness.

After dinner, much-needed baths rounded out the compressed evening, ushering in a weekend that would only get more exciting with the boys' introduction to a certain northern denizen...

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