Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clinics, Trials...

The need for an early morning start was taken a little too literally by the boys, who decided to get up at 5 am. Suffice to say, we made our appointment with Dr. P with plenty of time to spare for a change.

As per the usual drill, it began with the weigh-in. Carter's now a compact 17 lbs, 1 oz. Nathaniel leads at 18 lbs, 5 oz. Clearly, the diet has been working. Dr. P granted permission to expand the menu to other flavours of cereal, pasta, and cheese!

Unfortunately, Nathaniel was the recipient of not one but two needles: the first his second testosterone shot in prep for his January surgery. The other took place in the lab next door, to provide for some bloodwork as a followup to last week's VCUG imaging to ensure there are no potential kidney issues.

At least there'll be one less needle in their futures: Dr. P is pretty sure that followup H1N1 shots won't be necessary...


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