Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dr. P: Latest Stats

An earlier-than-usual appointment with Dr. P this morning meant we had to poke the boys awake before their usual time. That didn't curb their energy level in the least--if anything, they were more active and rowdy than in previous visits...waving to everyone in the waiting room and turning their strip-down into a wrestling match. Such demands--and before I'd had my morning coffee...

First up, the weigh-in: it came as no surprise to hear that Nathaniel has now surpassed the 20 pound mark, with Carter just a little shy of 18. Clearly, Lidia's assumption of a "growth spurt"--given Nathaniel's erratic late night behavior over the past few weeks--was correct. On the dietary front, we've been given the go-ahead to start giving the boys homogenized milk.

Unfortunately, the good news was short-lived: another round of first-year vaccinations was on the agenda and Nathaniel was given his final testosterone shot in prep for his Jan. surgery.
But after a lively session of ripping up the paper cover on the examination table, the boys' were back to their silly selves. We fully expect a replay in two weeks, when they'll be administered another H1N1 shot...hope Dr. P has plenty of paper!

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