Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Syringes Too Many...

Here's a truism we could gladly do without: whatever one has, the other one gets, too. In this case, it was a purely involuntary gesture: just as Carter rides out the the home stretch to recovery, Nathaniel develops a sinus infection requiring identical medication: three daily rounds of syrupy amoxicillin.

After a particularly difficult Sunday evening, in which no one slept, esp. Nathaniel, Lidia rushed him to Dr. P--who'd just Carter just a week earlier--who recommended the treatment, pre-empting the week's planned followup H1N1 shots.

After a single dose of dexamethasone (essentially, a steroid to ease congested breathing) and his first shot of moxy (neither terribly well-received, by the way), Nathaniel was back to his silly self. Both boys were in great spirits today with Nona visiting--and well they should be, having slept an incredible ten straight hours without interruption last night--which probably accounts for better spelling and grammar in this blog entry than usual...

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