Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday, Boys!!!

A year ago, we were wondering if the boys would be here for Christmas. On the morning of Dec. 2, 2008, Lidia was informed by her doctor that we wouldn't be "going home" that day and was ordered to report to Triage at Mt. Sinai Hospital pronto, and while it all took a little longer than planned, the next day, at 11:15am, "Baby A" let out his first of many cries. I caught only a fleeting glimpse of him as he was rushed past me to be poked, prodded, and outfitted with a nest of wires--two minutes later, along came "Baby B". I got to hold this one briefly, and Lidia gave him a peck on the forehead. After the commotion died down, I took my first photo of the dynamic duo in the post-delivery room next door. In what would further develop into a whirlwind week of unexpected news and sudden, unforeseen decisions, we didn't get around to actually naming the boys until after midnight several days later, despite threats from the nurses that they'd be christened "Bert and Ernie" if we didn't make up our minds.

"Baby A" would soon be known as Carter, of course, and "Baby B" Nathaniel. A year later (about three hours away from their literal arrival date, as I write this), it's impossible to think of them as anyone else--while we see bits and pieces of others in them, they're completely, utterly, delightfully the boys. Right now, they're finishing up breakfast after an active morning--Carter was immediately taken by the display of balloons and the banner, so he knows something's up. It's called a birthday--your first! Both of you! Enjoy!


  1. Love you my little dear ones!! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Carter!
    Happy Birthday Nathaniel!

    I'm so glad that you came into our lives one year ago. You have brought much happiness, smiles and laughter into my life. And for that I am very grateful.

    Thanks for letting me be part of your first year. I look forward to being around lots in year 2.

    Love (Auntie) Jackie