Sunday, March 13, 2011

All The World's A Stage...

As if we needed any more proof that Carter is a natural born performer (and has inherited more than a little of his father's closeted-hambone qualities--before he got too self-conscious)--today, after grocery shopping at Michael-Angelo's, we ventured for a supply run to the nearby Wal-Mart.

Right there at the entrance, Carter noticed the Easter displays and an assortment of easter egg buckets. Well, within seconds, he launched into a recreation of his favorite moment from "Imagination Movers" by pretending to get his foot stuck in a bucket, just like Rich (a gag probably pre-dating vaudeville) and making sure everyone saw it.

He then belted out Beatles tunes at the top of his lungs in the A/V section. "He's good", commented one of the staff as Dad looked for discounted DVDs. Like we don't know...

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