Friday, March 25, 2011

Calling All Movers!

It took every second of the promised 4-6 weeks for delivery, but today, the boys' membership to the "official" Imagination Movers Fan Club finally arrived! In addition to an autographed poster of the boys' "other" favorite Fab Four, it also contained a membership card that offers Dad 30% off merchandise from the online giftshop. 30% plus the dollar at par? What do I order first?

Plus--Mom wrote Playhouse Disney Canada to ask why we're still stuck in repeats up here and why their new concert movie didn't premiere north-of-the-border either, and got the following response:

"I contacted our Programming department, and although I can't confirm the
specific dates at this time, new episodes of "Imagination Movers" and
their concert film are tentative scheduled for the summer."

We're on top of the important stuff!

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