Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Six Degrees Of Mr. Bacon...

Who knew there was a world-wide demand for bacon-related merchandise? First the Ikea sandwich kit, which comes with two felt strips, then of course, the piece-de-resistence--the talking "Mr. Bacon"--who was adopted by our household this past Xmas (there's a "Smoky Bacon" toy in Japan, too--literally, a bacon strip slice smoking a cigarette, but this is a non-smoking home, real, fake, or otherwise).

Today, while in line at The Silver Snail, I couldn't resist the latest offering of faux-pork-loin--"Shaky Bacon", whom the boys greeted with much enthusiasm this evening. I once designed a comic book character called "Bacon Boy" as an audition piece for an animation company some years back--maybe it's time to revive him and finally win that fortune?

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