Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday, Minnie!

Hard to believe it's been twelve years since we first wandered into that garage in Scarborough to pick up a little sister for Molly, who had just moved to my mid-town apartment and was clearly lonely. A coworker's mom had something of a cat sanctuary at her home, and a new litter of kittens were just about ready to be released to the world. The one that caught our eye was a lovely gray/tortie colour and was playing by herself with a piece of tape in the corner, while her siblings clamoured for our attention. Of course, we had to have her, and all these years later, Minnie is still going strong. She's had to deal with a move, the loss of Molly, the arrival of Maggie, and then there are those other two screaming creatures in the house, one of whom--Nathaniel--loves to chase her under the bed. Minnie enjoyed an extra helping of her favorite Fancy Feast and the promptly returned upstairs to hide...Nathaniel would be along any time now...

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