Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paging Dr. P!!!

Just when we'd been congratulating ourselves on how we managed to make it through a too-long winter with the boys barely getting sick (only one episode each for Carter and Nathaniel)--this morning, we had to make an unannounced visit to Dr. P's clinic with both boys have succumbed to fevers and restless nights (and confirmed, with Carter's early rise, that The Imagination Movers are now on at 7am).

While the boys' conditions improved immensely once we got there (Carter entertained several visitors to the floor with his Beatles renditions, and Nathaniel enjoyed the National Geographic Kids magazine), Dr. P gave them a look-see and found that Carter was in the early stages of an ear infection, and Nathaniel required his usual steroid dose to ease his croup.

It didn't exactly help that the building's pharmacy was still closed at 9:20 am (it was supposed to be open at 8:30) on the one day we needed our prescriptions filled pronto, I picked up the medications at lunch (Amoxicillin for Carter, Dexamethasone for Nathaniel--viva benefit plans!) and by the time I got home for dinner, they were on the mend.

I brought them home some of their favorite crackers and two new books. They'd earned lazy night upstairs in front of "the big TV", and should be back in fine form for the visitors this weekend!

And here's Carter's latest: he's almost memorized 1965's "We Can Work It Out" (one of Dad's favorites!)...

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