Thursday, March 8, 2012

Goodbye and Thanks, Shelly!

To everyone's surprise, today was Shelly's last day as the head honcho of...well, "Shelly's Drop-In Centre"! After 10 years in our neighbourhood at Garrison Greek, Shelly got a sudden opportunity to run a drop-in in her neighbourhood and decided to embrace the privilege of a short walk to work (I can entirely relate). Shelly has been so wonderful to our boys (she held Carter in the first class photo, and always had Beatles CDs ready) and their friends, and has done so much for Nathaniel (Kathy and Chris from Surrey were very impressed at her operations when they visited last month), that it's impossible to conceive right now that after the March break she won't be there, always in good spirits, ready with a story and a song. She taught the boys "Hello Everybody" and "Bananas Unite"! And the story of "Brown Bear" and "Miss Wish-Washy"! And all of that art! So the boys dressed up for her last day and a potluck was held in her honour. Of course there'll be a new "Shelly" soon...but we'll never forget her. Good luck!

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