Monday, October 20, 2008

Make Room! Make Room!

Quick: what's harder than moving? How about moving within your own house?

Somehow, I've got to redistribute the entire contents of my office to...well...somewhere else. The computer goes to a tiny desk wedged into the corner of the basement (yet to be purchased, and I'm not convinced the internet router signal will hold up, but that's a problem for another day). The comic book art can stay on the walls--this'll soon be the boys' room, after all!

The two shelves are easy enough to clear--mostly old books and collectibles that can go into storage, but there's 20+ years of my freelance film/illustration career boxed and stacked in the closet. Those files will go into storage, too, but I sure hope I don't get a sudden last minute request for my old art--ala my 12-year old storyboards for this summer's Del Toro exhibition--or I'll be scooting out to Mississauga to haul it all back. I wish I could afford a personal assistant to scan and catalogue all this stuff for me, but I'd probably have to pay him/her more than I was actually paid to create most of this stuff in the first place!

I've decided the comics will stay--six back-breaking boxes will be stacked in my clothes closet in the bedroom. Those original, bagged issues of Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns" might be the most valuable things we own!

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