Thursday, October 9, 2008

This Class Brought To You By The Letter "C" in "C-Section", since multiples are 50% more likely to require said procedure, although no one at this point can say for sure (apparently, our youngsters are in prime positions for a natural birth, so who knows?). Nadia was still off with back problems, so tonight's session was presided over by the delightful Win (as in "Winifred"), a registered nurse nearing retirement after a career of helping deliver over 3000 babies (amazingly, she still seems to get genuinely excited over our excitement as first-time parents, with nary a trace of "been there/done that"). She also covered breathing exercises, and the variety of drug options available to Mom (Dad will have to make due with sneaking shots of scotch from within the janitors' closet). All in all, another informative and illuminating session, and one of the many reasons I'm glad the worst thing I'll have to do is cut the cord (although depending on the circumstance, I may not be allowed to do that either!)...

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