Sunday, October 26, 2008

By George, I Think He's Got It!

Our second-to-last class began on a dramatic note, some good news that fellow classmates Haig and Larissa had their twins--two boys!

For the rest of the evening, Nadia presided a crash course in the hands-on stuff: changing nappies, bathing, basic holding/cradling (as an avid action figure enthusiast, I guess you could make the obvious jibe that I've had a lot of practice playing with plastic dolls--but these didn't have capes or light sabers).

And here's Lidia, who beat my time, but I'm gonna blame my left-handedness as my a matter of fact, that's probably not a bad crutch to lean for the next...oh, four years or so?

We discussed brain development and Nadia dismissed the notion that you could "spoil" a baby with too much attention, tips for preventing injury and nasty subjects like SIDS, ideal sleep positions (we've since retired the "sleep positioner" from the baby registry), and were told to memorize the mantra "when in doubt, check it out!" (which reminds us--we've still gotta find a pediatrician!).

Next week, our final session, with real live parental units coming in (with Jack Hanna?) to field our questions and prep us for the Great Unknown...

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