Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saying goodbye to sleep

Nadia was back to lead class again Thursday, and after covering the wonderful process called labour and all its ancillary delights, now we're facing the real challenge: what the heck's going to happen when we get the l'il things home. And basically, this is it: they will sleep, we will not.

Men and women were divided in class, told to lay out a 12-hour schedule from 6am to 6pm of what we thought a typical day within the first week home would be. And yes, the little princes will have their every whim catered to because, well, they just can't do it themselves yet. They'll be fed every three hours -- 8 times in a 24-hour period -- and burped/changed/bathed accordingly. Somewhere in between is time for laundry, our own nutritional requirements, and cat naps (I'll have to rely on Maggie and Minnie to teach me a thing or two about those). We all seem to agree that signing up for Grocery Gateway is a good idea at least for the first month or so, so we can have decent food and not keep ordering in pizza and Chinese. Since our little ones are gracing us with their presence during the dead of winter, having food brought to the house is just fine with me.

Here's hoping the co-sleeper we plan to purchase (which will find its home attached to the side of our bed) will help make things easier in those dark early days, and I can figure out the best way to just lift one or the other out and breastfeed in bed... well, that would be the ideal. But as all parents know, ideals are rarely achieved. Nadia did give us one glimmer of hope: apparently at about one month, they may give us one five-hour stretch of uninterrupted rest. It just may not be at night.

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  1. here's hoping that the 5 hours is at least together if not at night.