Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Class Dismissed...(or, NOW what do we do?!)

Seven weeks sure did fly by--our Multiples/Prenatal class at Mt. Sinai concluded tonight, leaving us approximately seven weeks to memorize our cheat notes until the possible due date!

Fortunately, tonight's final session afforded us the opportunity to unload our anxieties on real, live visiting parents, and their adorable twins. As identically-dressed Ethan and Evan wriggled and giggled at the tableau of inquisitive, awestruck parents-to-be scribbling away like the egghead nephew in that Foghorn Leghorn cartoon (well, okay, maybe I was the only one who was a little too thorough...), the couple were relaxed and accomodating and looked pretty chipper for folks who've endured four months of late-nights, early-mornings, and marathon feedings.

My first question: "What's the first thing you did when you got the boys home"? (answer: "I'm not sure...I think I gave them a tour of the house."). My second question: "How did you make sure you could tell them apart?" Answer: "Coloured nail polish.").

We also found out that they've got cats, too, and everyone adapted to living together quickly and without incident, so that's reassuring (although I don't think it'll be too much of a chore in our household either, once Minnie and Maggie's inevitable snoopy phase passes). Plus, they introduced us to a handy device called the "Baby Trend Double Snap And Go" stroller, to which car seats attach for quick lock n' load trips when carting along a proper stroller is either impractical or too time consuming. Gotta get one!

Here's a pic of Lidia and our instructor, the impossibly terrific Nadia Prendergast, of whom we've hopefully not seen the last...

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