Sunday, November 30, 2008

Waiting For The Countdown...

Week thirty-four, according to our BabyCentre emails. We're crossing into December, where we've been warned by Dr. T that "anything can happen".

Of course, nothing's ready. Not through any fault of our own--it's just that I didn't think that with a due date of January 2009 we were expected to order everything we needed in July. I know the economy's hit the skids, but how do retailers expect to keep their vacant aisles from the creditors when they don't keep anything in stock?

The cribs are on the way from Ikea's main depot in Montreal. Yes, that's Montreal--neither of Toronto's massive locations have cribs in stock. And no one on staff seems to know how many more they're expecting to get in, or when. So Lidia ordered them by phone, just like people did in the glory days of the Timothy Eaton Company. The shipment's not scheduled to arrive at our door until the first week of December--I seriously doubt that it took this long to ship anything between Toronto and Montreal 100 years ago, but what can you do? Nada--and they don't care. From the treatment we've been receiving lately, business must be good...

Our eight-year old over-the-range microwave made an untimely demise a little while back, and of course, a trip to Home Depot to purchase a replacement found us once again on the "special order" list. Man, if it's one household appliance we need more than any other right now, it's this one: who'll have time to fire up a convection oven with a toddler under each arm? We're assured it'll be delivered to us "next week", an expected response that by now, sounds an awful lot like James Hong's "Five, ten minutes" line from the "chinese restaurant" episode of "Seinfeld".

So much more to be done: gotta get a pair of nine volts for the baby monitors.

There's Maurice Sendak "Where The Wild Things Are" art that needs to be plaque-mounted.

And I can't find Super Friends "Be Brave Buddies" anywhere!

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