Saturday, November 8, 2008

Let's All Go To The Baby Show

Controversy follows me wherever I go...
This weekend, Lidia and I thought we'd check out the big "Baby Show" presented by Today's Parent Magazine at The Metro Convention Centre and hopefully score some deals.

I thought the show was largely underwhelming--offering nothing unique for twins/multiples, and pretty much a showroom for the usual vendors--Babys R Us, Wal-Mart, desperate banks shilling for RESP clients, and rack after rack of Robeez infant shoes.

Craving oxygen, we took a welcome break at the food court (read: a single Pizza Pizza counter), I was accosted by a diminutive security guard (to whom my first thought was: "Ruth Buzzi called and wants her hair back"), who stared into my belt buckle and demanded to know why I was photographing "her show". "Your show?", I responded, incredulously. She then informed me that many of the show's vendors filed complaints about my incessent shutter-bugging, oblivious, obviously, to the other 5000 couples snapping away with their Wal-Mart specials and cellphone cameras. She also informed me that "several large signs" were posted throughout the convention centre informing patrons that photography was prohibited. I told her "thanks" and joined Lidia at a table, where we were then pitched an insurance policy by one of the conventioneers on break.

(btw, for my own amusement, on our second go-around and on our way out of the convention centre, I looked long and hard for any posted warning about photography/videography. Couldn't find one...)

We came up completely empty on the items we sought: the Double Snap and Go stroller, the Maximom multiples carrier--items that seem to be readily available from multiple sources in the U.S. but north of the border are obvious subject to yet more arcane Canadian trade laws...

Alas, we didn't leave totally empty-handed: we signed up for a subscription to Today's Parent, and picked up a couple of hand car seat shoulder straps. And the CPR demonstration was informative, and yes, a little bit scary.

(Personally, I think it was the Doula who ratted me out...I snuck a pic of her booth and she shot me a nasty glare...)

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