Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet Our "Doula"

Who needs a "doula" when Lidia's got therapy 24/7? In the nine years she's been with us, Minnie has known just when to unleash her intensive, four-paw massage sessions to melt our troubles away...

With the boys at week 34 and apparently hearing sounds, Minnie's soothing purr must be as familiar to them as our voices and the theme music from "Seinfeld" (and the way Minnie's been staying extra close to Lidia 'round the clock, it's obvious she knows something's going on in there...).

Unfortunately, Toronto's arcane and intolerant animal laws prevent us from sneaking Minnie into Mt. Sinai Hospital when the big moment arrives, so she'll have to remain at home with Maggie to map out their territories (which, up until now, has been anywhere they damn please) before 'the competition' arrives and changes their, and our, lives forever. They've had a grand time with all the packing and general mayhem but have absolutely no idea what's ahead. Hmmm...we're not so unalike after all...

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