Friday, November 7, 2008

Sort Of/Not Really/Half Famous Daddy...

Every time I think all this film stuff has run its course and my brief, unremarkable career is over (about every other weekend), something happens to convince me to stick it out a little while longer. On November 7, the exhibit "Diseccionando Fantasías: Los Secretos de Guillermo Del Toro (Dissecting Fantasies: The Secrets of Guillermo Del Toro)" opened in Alicante, Spain. I wish I could be there--not only am I a major fan of the filmmaker (whom most of you will know from "Hellboy" and "Pan's Labyrinth", and eventually his in-production adaptation of "The Hobbit"), not only are curators Carlos and Daniel lovely people whom I wish lived close by so I could hang out with them--I've got art featured in the show!

In 1997, I was hired by C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures--a local FX company--to create storyboards for the horror film "Mimic", a Miramax/Dimension production that was not only Del Toro's second feature (I was a fan of his debut, "Cronos", and had spoken with him briefly after its Uptown Cinema debut way back when), but his Hollywood debut as well. I had to crank out dozens of drawings in less than 24 hours, and had long hated the art. But Carlos gave me a bit of time to clean it up for presentation purposes and now, it's been unveiled for the public to see!

This is not the first time my work has been featured in such an exhibit. In 1997, I was featured in the Design Exchange's "Designing For The Screen", sponsored by The Toronto International Film Festival Group. Hopefully, this second showcase won't be the last...but I'll gladly give it a break for a while if my soon-to-change circumstances demand it. Whatever happens, I've had a blast.

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