Sunday, November 23, 2008

Room For Let

It's taken seemingly forever, but tonight, I finally vacated what-was-once-my-office for good. My PCs and ancillary items (several pounds of power supplies, mostly) have been moved to the basement-slash-entertainment emporium (my desk is now located directly beneath a framed one-sheet for the film "Face/Off", signed by director John Woo), leaving the spare bedroom free to become our boys' ultra-cool lair.

Maggie is particularly impressed. She's been taking advantage of the expanded floor space to engage in some extra late-night nuttiness.And cripes, is it a mess. Which is why we're soliciting cleaning services. "Maids Matter" will be by tomorrow to give our humble domain a solid scrubbing from top to bottom. I feel a bit embarrassed, really, to have to call in the services of a janitorial company, considering our place is comparatively small and really not all that difficult to maintain--it's just that with months of moving stuff around, a steady supply of dusty boxes, and the expected build-up of cat hair it's really worth shelling out some serious coin to have someone else make it all sparkle.

The move of my "office" downstairs, and the all-important relocation of the internet router went off without incident--the signal is strong and there's no reason to call those thieves at "Geek Squad". I'm downloading a demo of "Lego Batman" onto my PS3 as I write this--c'mon people: if I'm never going to sleep again, I might as well have something to do at 4 o'clock in the morning!

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