Saturday, April 25, 2009

Carter And Nathaniel: The Musical

The original plan to idle away the day at Sherway Gardens got nixed thanks to the ill-timed closure of the Don Valley Parkway this weekend, which none-too-surprisingly spawned outrageous traffic congestion on just about every straight stretch of road inside the GTA (and likely, beyond...). We were only about a block from the house when the radio news break advised avoiding the highways unless absolutely necessary, so we turned around and took advantage of the balmy temps to tour the boys along Queen West to some more of our favorite haunts.

First stop was an open house on Tecumseth. Lidia inspected the very nice townhouse that offered just the right amount of extra room we've anticipated needing sooner-than-later, but the $675,000 price tag convinced us to keep investing in more Rubbermaid containers. The sales agent admired my "Where The Wild Things Are" t-shirt, but such easy flattery didn't convince me to make an offer.

The Fashion District was jam-packed with the usual cell phone zombies and designer-shoe addicts but our Snap-And-Go cleared us a path better than a cow catcher.

The boys attracted a steady stream of admirers and well-wishers, some of whom came right up the chat, others who were content to crane their necks and coo. We met up with a couple from our Mt. Sinai Multiples class, who introduced us to their own twin youngsters, who were now about Carter and Nathaniel's age.

But the perfect climax to the afternoon's adventure occurred across from The Silver Snail comics shop. The stage and curtain were new and improved, but back for another season were the same puppet songsmiths who improvised a very sweet song for our twins last fall.

Hound Dog still sounded a bit like Noel Coward, and his partner--a bizarre snake-necked thing--still reminded me of the murderous idol that chased Karen Black around her apartment in "Trilogy Of Terror".

Here, for your listening pleasure: a musical ode to Carter and Nathaniel...(and, I assured the puppets, Carter's tears are tears of joy...)

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