Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pub Crawl

I was never one to hang out in bars much--why pay good money to be surrounded by people I'd otherwise go out of my way to avoid?--but becoming hooked on NTN Trivia in the 90s changed my mind. And just across King Street, not far from us, is the excellent pub/restaurant The Foggy Dew, which was our regular hangout most Friday nights (and random weeknights and weekends here and there) since it took over the notorious "cursed location" about five years ago. "Was", that is, until December...and you can pretty much figure out why.

Now that the weather's become tolerable and the patio furniture is out, we wasted no time in introducing the boys to our favorite haunts. After our stroll down to the Lakeshore on Saturday, we decided to pull over into the 'Dew for an earlier dinner and a chance to show off our dynamic duo. Unfortunately, none of our regular wait staff were on duty that day, but the boys attracted admirers and were generally in good spirits until our food came (no small miracle, after being informed that the kitchen was out of just about everything on the menu--including potatoes! Potatoes?!) and they decided they'd rather dine first...our survival kit just happened to have two bottles handy.

After we wolfed down our grub, the boys decided they'd had enough of Gordon Lightfoot and demanded to get back home. It's a rare family-friendly place--the kind that provides high chairs to those who need 'em--so we plan to be back again and again. Who knows?--the boys could one day be so sick of pubs that by the time they reach the age where I have to start worrying about them hanging out in such joints, they won't be the least bit interested. That's me--always thinking ahead...

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