Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun

Nothing like a visit from-and-to the relatives to get those little fists and feet pumping...Grandma and Grandpa's trip into the city (along with their always-welcome aunt and cousins) on Saturday gave the boys a chance to model their snazzy new attire and entertain everyone with their slowly-expanding vocabulary ("goo goo/ga ga" was sooooo last month).

Of course, we were sad that Nanny couldn't come--she's still recovering and such a long trip away from the hospital just didn't seem like a wise idea this time around. But we're confident the boys will eventually meet her on the May long weekend--and if not, we'll be making a few trips to the Ottawa Valley this summer (still studying the best route to accomodate frequent stops)...

The next day marked their first road trip to Bowmanville to meet their Uncle Steve and his family, as well as yet another feline friend: Mooch, who seemed as baffled by their presences as our own cats. We weren't pleased to find out that the damned Baby Trend stroller still wouldn't fit in the trunk, given the size of the new Civic, so we had to leave it behind. No matter--it was a chilly day and there was plenty to do inside, and since their aunt and cousins live in a house about ten times the size of ours, semi-regular weekend visits might be just the thing, especially when they surpass the crawling stage...

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