Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nathaniel's Adoring Public

This past week was all about Nathaniel, with a steady stream of visitors coming by to offer advice and monitor his progress.

On Monday, Roseanna worked with us on applications for a variety of government programs and deductions that he could benefit from in the future. All this financial razmataz is enough to make one's head explode, so we dutifully signed on the appropriate dotted lines and will let bureaucracy take it inevitable course...

Tuesday, Kathy returned to work on fine skills, and found Nathaniel to be in a bit of a cranky mood, but it was nothing personal against her--he'd been interrupted from his afternoon nap (we can all relate, I'm sure...).

Wednesday, Amanda put him through his paces on gross motor skills, and prescribed a few new exercises. By Thursday, he was exhausted (and so were we).

I won't waste time with needless minutia--the short version is: everyone agrees he's doing great! His head control, hand/eye coordination, ability to turn himself around from back to front, grasping of objects with both hands, response to communication, and above all, infectious laugh--are exactly where they should be, and even more advanced than expected for such a young age.

Of course, Carter offered his critique from the sidelines...

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