Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Minnie!

Hard to believe that Minnie turned 10 years old today--it doesn't seem all that along ago that we went out to a (former) coworker's home east of the city to select a little sister for Molly (who'd just moved in) and fell for the standoffish grey fur ball playing by herself in the corner. Everything about her is completely unique, including her breed: diluted tortie (tortoiseshell) tabby!

To celebrate the big day, I surprised her with one of her favorite toys from her kittenhood: the staff of "Chancellor Valorum" from "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace". When Minnie first came home in April of 1999, she decided to help herself to my collection of figures from the then-new film, and this tiny piece of plastic from a completely forgettable character kept her entertained for hours.

Well, a decade later, I was thrilled to find out it had the exact same effect. Weeks earlier I'd happened upon the figure in a remainder bin at the local comics shop, and picked it up hoping Minnie would go nutty when I opened it, and she did!

I'm thinking of writing a letter to George Lucas, who knows? Maybe he'll send me a case...(I'm confident he's got a vault full, somewhere...)

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