Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ode To A Blue Pacifier...

Against his protests, Carter's trusty teething aid was unceremoniously retired to the trash tonight--his incoming teeth have split it nearly to shards and we were worried that eventually it'd become a choking hazard. He didn't exactly warm up to the Dr. Seuss versions we've been offering over the past week, so tonight I headed to the nearby Shoppers' Drug Mart for a replacement. They didn't have any more of his Nuk brand pacifier in stock, but I noticed that similiar models had a 0-6 months label on them. So I went with a pair suggested for 12-17 months (he's 15 months, after all!) and noticed, for the first time, a warning on the back from Health Canada urging parents to replace the pacifier every two months! Two months? Carter's been chomping on this one for more than a YEAR!

Well, he didn't go for that one either. He does, however, accept Nathaniel's pacifier as a substitute--it's the same size and brand, so clearly, he knows something we don't!

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