Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Private Party!

Happy wanderers Carter and Nathaniel were treated to a rare private affair right in our back yard (well, sort of) when a few of the neighbours (led by Monique) got together and booked our complex's party room for a day of wild rumpus-ing.

Early arrivals included pals Gabriel and Georgina, who stopped tearing up the joint long enough to pose prettily...

Compared to their birthday bash last December, it was a much more modest affair, affording the boys to chance to merrily roam the largely empty space without the risk of being stepped on.

According to Karen, Nathaniel took a time out for an impromptu nap right on the floor, which I'm sure made it a bit easier for her to keep tabs on Carter, who probably had the best escape route figured out within minutes of arrival!

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