Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Runaway Best Seller!

This past Christmas, the boys received a gift from Mario, Bridgitte, Natasha, and Dylan: a then-unknown tome entitled "12 Cats For Christmas" by Roger Preddy, which offered a gallery of a dozen touch-and-feel cute kittens adorned in various Yuletide garb. Within days, it became an obsession--possibly inspiring Carter's current "kitty song" that he loves to hum at every opportunity!

The boys couldn't stop looking at it, touching the pages and within a very short span, ripping them from their sturdy bindings.

It probably wouldn't please Minnie and Maggie if they knew that "Oliver", "Misty", "Snowy", "Charlie", and "Tiger" were the household's most popular cat names for most of the winter...

By March, the book had certainly seen better days, but thankfully, the always reliable website had dozens of copies in stock, so inexpensively priced that I ordered two, just in case. The boys seemed to have moved on to new titles--"My Funny Monkey", "Barnyard Dance" and the newest arrival "Feely Bugs" are the more popular page-turners these days --but at least I've now got a copy for myself!

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