Friday, March 5, 2010

This Won't Hurt A Bit...

Time for another visit to Dr. P's digs already? Seems like we were just there--in fact, we were. But that was thanks to the perils of a seemingly-endless cold and flu season...this morning, it was just the standard monthly exam to check weight and fire off questions.

It was a challenge to keep the boys patient in the waiting room--Nathaniel was certainly in a chatty mood and Carter had the urge to go exploring the rest of the floor's offerings.

The real surprise for us was to learn that the boys haven't gained any extra poundage at all since the last visit--despite certainly feeling heavier, Carter has held steady at approx. 19lbs 6oz, and Nathaniel has more or less maintained the 20+ lbs he totaled last month). After some merry paper ripping, it was time for one more unfortunate, but important, procedure: chicken pox shots. The boys didn't like the needles--who does--but soon bounced back to cheery form. Back in a month!

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