Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Tale Of Two Pacifiers

Carter's trusty powder-blue pacifier has been getting a 24-hour workout since pretty much the first week he came home, but after 15 months, it's become more than a little...er...is disgusting too harsh a word?

Before the boys were born, my friend Vera bought them a few neat items during her family's trip to Disneyland: a set of Dr. Seuss "Thing #1" and "Thing #2" bottles, each with a matching pacifier! Considering Carter's fascination with all things Dr. Seuss (the Cat In The Hat Puppet, "Hop On Pop" and "A,B,C"), we thought this would be an easy, not to mention sanitary, switcheroo.
While Carter has shown some short-lived curiosity (granted, everything goes into the mouth these days), all efforts to get him to relinquish Big Blue have completely failed. The Department Of Health remains on alert...

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