Friday, May 20, 2011

Dr. P Saves The Day (and the week)...

Stopping by the office to pick up a form, Lidia mentioned to Dr. P Carter's ongoing scenario and she expressed some concern as to Dr. Cohen's diagnosis, and prescription. So we awoke bright and early to take Carter in for an inspection the next morning.

Of course, it happened to be the very day that every single child in the Bloor/Annex area was apparently sick, and after a straining 90+ minute wait (which had Pops sitting on the floor in the hallway, cradling an impatient Carter), we were finally granted an audience. Within seconds, Dr. P found infections in both of Carter's ears--how could this have possibly been missed earlier?

Within minutes, we were filling the prescription downstairs and Carter was back home. 24 hours later, he was his regular silly self. From this day forward: any sign of trouble, we'll waste no time in assuming it's his ears again and get him to the experts: pronto!

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