Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Fling 2011: Pt. 1

This year's annual Niagara Street Public School Spring Fling was an entirely-indoor affair this time around, which couldn't have been a better plan, given the day-long downpour that typifies standard Toronto weekend weather. We arrived shortly after opening to find the place already rapidly filling up with parents and kids eager to play games, enjoy some live acts, and score a few deals. Of course, the boys were repeatedly greeted with enthusiasm by just about everyone in the neighbourhood...

Carter seemed a little intimated by the clamour in the gym, which hosted the games and entertainment (Nathaniel on the other hand, was keen to roam).

Upstairs, Mom and Pop bid on a few Silent Auction items (including a very nice guitar, donated from the local music academy) and entered the raffle for a state-of-the-art barbeque, which, as of this writing (two days later), we apparently lost out on all counts.

Food was cheap and in plentiful supply and Carter and Nathaniel sampled samosas and pasta. We noticed our donated clothing at a the garage sale, where I picked up a second tambourine and the "Little Tykes" kitchenette that Nathanie like to play with at Shelly's for the whopping sum of one dollar each. Mom also scored some new outfits for the boys for little more than double that...

After picking up two cool helium balloons (Batman and Spider-Man, sorry Carter, but no Beatles) we inspected the fire engine parked outside and posed for a rare photo of the four of us and then headed home for lunch.

Shortly after we got home, Carter's atypically low-key response to the event would make a lot of sense...

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