Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dad Visits Shelly's

I took the day off to catch a few more films at TIFF, but since my first screening wasn't until 11:45am and the theatre was a 20 minute walk away, I had the morning free. So of course, I just had to check out the mayhem at Shelly's Drop-In, which relaunched for the 2011-2012 school year last week. The place was packed with toddlers--Carter and Nathaniel are no longer the youngest ones there, but they certainly stood out the most. Nathaniel went immediately to the story circle to play, while Carter gave me the grand tour. Neither was up for snacks--I think I got them a little too excited--but during my short time there I'd managed to build a railroad, paint a picture, listen to Carter since Beatles songs and read "Goodnight Moon" to one of his friends, and witness Nathaniel sing along to The Banana Song. That's when I attempted to sneak out, but Carter saw me stepping over the door, and wasn't happy about it...

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