Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Funny Duck" Is Here!!!

Last week, after establishing contact with "Audra" in Regina, I wired her the five bucks (plus shipping) so that she could send the "Quacking Duck Puppet" on its merry way. Of course, I told Carter "Funny Duck is coming" and he couldn't stop talking about it for a week, even in his sleep. Well, today, a big padded envelope arrived, and I let Carter do the honours. After giving Grandma and Grandpa the cold shoulder during a Skype chat, he was suddenly very animated by the presence of this noisy fowl. We were able to tear it from his hand briefly so that he could have a bath--then, he proceeded to show the duck just about everything in the house. I'm sure his fascination will run its course in time, but for now, I suspect Funny Duck will be getting a lot of attention for quite some time...good thing he makes his own sound FX!

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