Monday, September 12, 2011

"Mommy Fixed The Stroller"

Over the course of the last month or so, one of the rear wheels on our supposedly indestructible/all-terrain/all-weather Valco double stroller had been coming loose at rapidly increasing intervals, and we'd tried everything short of voodoo to keep it attached. Karren's been kicking with her foot and then resorting a hammer, Mom lubricated and cleaned the interior and even resorted to a metal adhesive--all of which proved to be short term solutions. The wheel just kept And since the warranty was up (what--no lifetime? It's a kids' stroller!), there wasn't much we could do but arrange a replacement (thanks to our neighbour Caroline) and contact the manufacturer for some spare parts. Turns out dealing with Valco in the U.S. was a very pleasant experience--they had a replacement wheel off to us immediately for a very decent price. When it arrived--in a mere five days--it clicked into place and our problems were instantly solved. So Alex can have his stroller back. Just one question though--who tests these products? Our boys are well under the maximum weight limitations and the stroller is rarely taken any further than to the corner and back...and yet, the wheel is first thing to go...?

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