Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mad Romp

After two back-to-back screenings at the Toronto Film Festival (now just down the street!), I raced back home just as the boys awoke from their naps to join the Dynamic Duo and Karren in the park for an afternoon of adrenaline-surged action. We indulged in a little ice cream from the truck, Carter and his new friend Luke checked out the bus situation, Nathaniel kicked the ball dangerously close to two old ladies who for some reason were wearing paper hats (this is downtown Toronto, after all) and after they were properly exhausted, we retired home for some Chinese take-out before Mom and Dad were off to the movie again. Carter serenaded us with The Beatles' "Across The Universe" as we left--he didn't know that we were going to see a movie about the man who wrote the song "Movin' Right Along", from "The Muppet Movie"...

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